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Jul 252015

The organisers can now confirm that the Hastings Congress will take place from 28th December 2015 to 5th January 2016 at Horntye Park Sports Complex in Hastings.

The Congress is extremely pleased to confirm that new sponsorship has been agreed with Tradewise Insurance Company in conjunction with the English Chess Federation.  This will enable the Congress to retain its familiar format.  Tradewise Insurance are sponsors of the world-leading Gibraltar Chess Festival and their interest in sponsoring the English Chess Federation and thereby  Hastings Congress is very welcome.

Their sponsorship is intended to provide incentives for female participation and the entry fee for female players will be reduced by 50%.   Prizes will also be awarded to those not already holding the title:  £100 for those achieving GM/WGM norm and £50 for IM/WM norm.  Limited assistance may also be offered for suitable players under 21.

Further good news is that the John Robinson Trust is offering five English players U21 on 28th December 2015 bursaries of £100.  These are for the highest rated players who enter by 10 December 2015.   This will be a very appropriate way of remembering John Robinson who was a valued member of the Hastings arbiting team for many years.

Further details will appear on the website.

Hastings Borough Council continues to be a major supporter of the congress despite local budget cuts requiring support to all events to be significantly reduced.  We are grateful to the Council and also to the White Rock Hotel, Lansdowne Hotel and KC Computers  for their continuing support.,

The on-line entry form will appear on the website at the end of July.  Congress Director, Alan Hustwayte ,will now receive entries e-mail address: alan.b.hutwayte@tesco.net

For all other enquiries please contact Pam Thomas e-mail:pae123@aol.com











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Apr 282015

At the Annual General Meeting of the Hastings International Chess Congress held on 21 March 2015, Con Power stood down as Director of the event after a remarkable 32 years. He was congratulated on his long service and thanked for all he had done on behalf of the many players who played in Hastings over the years. Congress Chairman, Paul Smith, presented Con with a watch to mark his much appreciated contribution to the Chess Congress.


Stepping into the Director’s role is Alan Hustwayte. He has been Secretary of the Congress Committee for a number of years.   He has been a chess enthusiast over many years and is a long term resident of Hastings. He was congratulated by colleagues and is pictured here with Con Power.

Despite further funding cuts announced by the Borough Council, dates have been set for the next Hastings Congress which will take place from 28th December 2015 to 5th January 2016 and a drive to raise further funding is now underway.


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Jan 272015

The Hastings International Chess Congress organisers have been advised by Hastings Borough Council that they propose cutting the funding by 50% to £10,000 for the next event and cutting funding completely for the following year.  This was announced in the Hastings Observer of 16th January 2015.

The Congress has been aware of the likelihood of cuts for some time bearing in mind the draconian cuts faced by the Borough Council.  The Congress AGM will take place on 21st March 2015 and the main topic will undoubtedly be the future of the event.

We will up-date after the meeting.

Pam Thomas, PR Officer Email: pae123@aol.com
24 January 2015