Nov 252015

Thanks to a new sponsor, Tradewise Motor Insurance, the 91st Hastings International Chess Congress will take place at Horntye Park Sports Complex in Hastings from 28th December 2015 to 5th January 2016.  Tradewise Motor Insurance is working with the English Chess Federation to offer special encouragement to young players and female players as well as inviting all ages and chess strengths to participate as ever.  The parent company of Tradewise Motor Insurance is the sponsor of the hugely successful Gibraltar Chess Festival.  The organisers of Hastings hope that this will prove a successful and longer-term partnership.

Hastings Borough Council remains a joint sponsor with Tradewise Motor Insurance and we are again grateful for their support which has continued for many years.  Vital additional  support comes from The White Rock Hotel, The Lansdowne Hotel and KC Computers.

The opening will take place on 28th December at 14.05hrs at the start of the Masters Tournament..  It will be attended by Cllr. Bruce Dowling Rt. Worshipful the Mayor of Hastings, Mr.Dominic Lawson, President of the English Chess Federation and a representative of Tradewise Motor Insurance who will make the opening move.

The number of entries is slightly up on last year at this point in time and includes 13 grandmasters  and 7 international masters from 15 countries.  Hungary is looking particularly hungry for success with 3 gms and 2 ims among them. Leading the field is grandmaster Ferenc Berkes (HUN).  Eighteen players  aged under 18 and one under 21 have entered and we hope to see more young entries and female players who, this year, are offered a 50% discount on entry fees.

English grandmaster Chris Ward will once again be giving his popular  commentary on Masters games each afternoon and a selection of Masters games will also be available “live” on-line.  Spectators are welcome at the venue – admission free.

For all details and on-line entry form go to the Congress website www.hastingschess.com

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Chess Archery event

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Nov 222015

Tuesday 3rd November 2015, Horntye Park Sports Centre, Hastings

P1030642-1This unique sporting fixture was to celebrate two sports which are closely associated with Hastings. Archery since 1066 and Chess since 1895.

Rasa Norinkevicuite (Woman FIDE Chess Master Lithuania) and her team of four archers from Bayeux Bowmen  played against Francis Rayner (Wales) and his team of four archers, also from Bayeux Bowmen. Rasa won the toss and thus had the white pieces. Both Rasa and Francis are members of Hastings Chess Club  and will be playing in the 91st Hastings International Chess Congress from 28 December 2015 to 5 January 2016. This is the longest-running international chess congress is the world.

Each player nominated which piece he wanted to move. An archer then sought to hit the appropriate segment of the target. If the arrow landed in another of the six segments, that piece had to be moved. If the move was illegal, or the arrow  missed the target altogether(!) then the next archer in the same team shot his or her arrow. If s/he again missed, a pawn had to be moved.  Each of the four team members used a different bow and they vary considerably in accuracy. For the players part of the skill was realising how accurate the next shot of their partners and opponents would be.

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Notes RE: Congress entry

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Oct 222015

Apologies for a possible lack of clarification on page 4 of the entry form regarding the Hastings Weekend Congress Major Tournament.  This should read as follows:-
“Open to players below Fide 2040 or ECF 180.  FIDE Ratings will take precedence over ECF and other ratings.  All players must have a FIDE ID Number (FIN)

Please also note the following:

One half point bye is permitted in any round of the Christmas, Weekend or New Year Tournaments.  If applied for in the last round, notice must be given when entering.

In the same way, a half point bye is also permitted in the Masters unless:
a) the player is a Grandmaster
b) the bye may adversely affect the norm possibilities of the event.

Examples of where the norm possibilities would be at risk include where the number of non ENG players would be less than 20 or the total of non ENG (W)GMs and (W)IMs is less than 10 in a particular round. Anyone hoping to achieve a norm should note that requesting a bye will prevent this possibility.
It would be appreciated if Masters players could register by e-mail to pairings15@gmail.com prior to the tournament.  Pairings of players not pre-registered may be changed where necessary.

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