Dec 052014

Due to the generous donation of the Kowitz Family Foundation, financial support may be available for U21 players wishing to play at the Hastings ICC. If you would like to be considered please contact Stewart Reuben –

You can read the H&SL Observer’s article here

69 players had entered by 3 December, including —

Rodshtein Maxim ISR GM 2676
Edouard Romain FRA GM 2659
Mista Alexandr POL GM 2614
Fier Alexandr BRA GM 2592
Bogner Sebastian SUI GM 2586
Zhao Jun CHN GM 2585
Lagarde Maxime FRA GM 2576
Sengupta Deep IND GM 2566
Hawkins Jonathan ENG GMe 2552
Hebden Mark ENG GM 2523
Vakhidov Jahongir UZB GM 2502
Gormally Daniel ENG GM 2499
Arkell Keith ENG GM 2489
Cherniaev Alexander RUS GM 2481

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Nov 242014

Hastings International Chess congress is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the sum of £6,000 by the Kowitz Family Foundation in conjunction with Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC).

This generous gesture is offered primarily to further the interests of junior chess.  It is intended to inspire young players, to encourage new players and to provide opportunities for existing players to reach their chess potential.  In addition the profile of both Hastings Congress and Hastings Borough will be enhanced.

A spokesperson for the Kowitz Family Foundation said “The Foundation is pleased to support the Hastings International Chess Congress and more specifically junior chess players in Hastings.   The town has an astonishing historic legacy in the game of chess and we hope this donation will help revive interest in the Congress among local spectators and junior competitors alike and draw chess enthusiasts from far and wide.”

£500 will be given to Sussex Junior Chess Association who are holding their annual Junior Congress in Hastings on 4th January 2015.  Additions to the Congress programme will appear as soon as confirmed.  These are expected to include coaching sessions and additional funding for young players in the Masters.  The funding will also help further involvement with local junior schools’ chess activities.

Information will appear on this site as soon as confirmed.

Contact: Pam Thomas, PR Officer, HICC  Email:  Tel: 01424 445348

About Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) –

CSC is a registed charity whose mission is to give every primary schoolchild in the country the chance to learn how to play chess.  The charity was formed in 2010 but has already taught over 40,000 children.  This year CSC will deliver chess to 25,000 children in 250 schools across 56 boroughs in England and Wales.  The charity provides schools with chess sets, a chess curriculum, teacher training and a weekly visit from a chess tutor.

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Jun 272014

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Pru Bryant (left, with Patrick Moore) on 14th June 2014.  Although she was not a chess player, Pru was for a long time in charge of ticket sales for the Hastings Premier Tournament.  Her bright personality and conversation made her a favourite with many visitors to the event. Pru was a keen traveller and visited many parts of the globe. In recent years her mobility was seriously impaired by arthritis and she became largely housebound. Pru was the mother of Marc Bryant, former member of Hastings Chess Congress Committee and long-term associate of and participant in the event. Our sympathy goes to Marc who had looked after his mother in the last years.
Pru’s funeral will take place on Tuesday 1st July 2014 at Hastings Crematorium at 11.00am.  Enquiries and flowers to Towners, Norman Road, St. Leonards Tel 01424 436386

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Jun 272014

LUCY WALSH (nee Egan), mother of Gerry Walsh born 28 February 1920, died 19 June 2014

Her funeral is on Tuesday 1 July at 11 45 a.m. in St Peter’s Catholic Church South Bank Middlesbrough prior to burial in Eston cemetery.
Gerry Walsh’s mam was not a chessplayer but she always enjoyed her visits to chess events. I first met her in Malta in 1980 when she was part of the administrative team organising the Olympiad. She was always a breath of fresh air in chess.
Gerry says, ‘We were watching the football match Thursday 19 June and toward the end she took hold of my hand and passed away. She had not been ill and we were intending to take the dogs for a walk when the game finished. The Coroner’s office advised that Mam’s heart just stopped beating rather than a heart attack.’
Our condolences to the family; besides Gerry, there are two brothers and a sister.

- Stewart Reuben